• Dancers must be 12 years or older

  • Must send a video audition for the organization to pre-approve

  • Must send picture of the costumes that are going to be used at the show. Costumes have to be appropriate for a family event

  • Props have to be previously accepted by the organization

  • Each dance company can present a maximum of 5 dances, 4 minutes minimum each

  • Music should be sent by email. Should be professionally recorded, with normal volume, and identify with the name of the dance, school, and country that represents.Each teacher should have a copy of their music on and USB or phone.

  • The international flights should be approved by the organization, to avoid itinerary mix up

  • There is a $40.00 fee per school and it includes up to 5 performances per school

  • Every participant should register and pay for the Travel Package ONLY through MM Panama travel, the only certified operator for the festival.

For the detailed schedule and travel package costs for the festival.

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